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Thousand Stars

Become a Thousand Star

Become one of our cherished Stars by committing to donate $5 (or more) a week for four years to support the Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund.


The Thousand Stars: Building the Legacy of the Sarjeant

Launched in 2014 the Thousand Stars initiative made it possible for any individual or family to play a meaningful role in the Sarjeant Gallery redevelopment project by contributing as little as $5 a week over four years.

As at the end of 2020 over 400 people signed up to be a Star. Not only does this mean these people have a stake in the project but it has also allowed the gallery to report that over 400 families and individuals in Whanganui and further abroad have actively supported and contributed to the Sarjeant Gallery redevelopment project. This grass roots support has proved invaluable when the Sarjeant Trust made applications to Government, Trusts and other groups seeking further funding.

In 2020 the Sarjeant Gallery redevelopment project reached the most significant funding milestone thanks to a final Central Government grant of $12million announced by then Minister Shane Jones on July 2, 2020.

This grant allows the Thousand Stars to move to the next phase of their support for the Sarjeant Gallery.

As publicly stated, the original intention was for the Thousand Stars to “raise $1 million over four years towards the redevelopment project – and looking beyond that, to provide an ongoing base of support for acquisitions and major exhibitions at the Sarjeant” The fund was about “building a strong financial base for the Gallery’s future development and enhancing its collections”

With the redevelopment now funded, the Thousand Stars move from raising capital for the redevelopment, to raising capital for the Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund.


The Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund

An endowment fund is commonly established by galleries, libraries, archives and museums to pay for all the things that happen inside the institution. At the Sarjeant Gallery, the endowment fund will attend to:

  • supporting the acquisition of works
  • creating major exhibitions
  • collection conservation work
  • securing national and international touring shows
  • producing education courses and opportunities
  • supporting partnerships, and knowledge and expertise sharing

The Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund will be essential for the delivery of a world class programme and it will populate the Sarjeant with the content that will inspire, engage, educate and entertain the people of Whanganui, the region, New Zealand and ultimately our visitors from all over the world.

So from the date of July 2, 2020 (the date of the Government announcement of the finalising grant) all Thousand Stars contributions go towards the Endowment Fund, and in the words of Henry Sarjeant, will help create something wonderful “for the inspiration of ourselves and those who come after us”.

Aside from this refocus, everything remains the same. Each individual Thousand Star financial goal remains at $1000 over 4 years, contributions continue in the same way (if you are already a Thousand Star and have direct debits set up – there is no need to change anything), Stars who have reached the $1000 goal by 2, July 2020 will still be acknowledged in the building, donations still qualify for a refundable tax credit deductible as determined by current legislation, receipts will still be sent at the end of every tax year (or on request) and Stars will continue to receive all the benefits of being a valued supporter of the Gallery.

Please join us on our journey into the Sarjeant Gallery’s exciting future.

There are a number of ways to become a Star and help build a legacy for the future

  • Sign up now by downloading the form here and either emailing, posting or bringing it in to Sarjeant on the Quay at 38 Taupō Quay. See here for contact details
  • Make a one-off payment of $1,000 via our online store
  • Fill in the form below and we will respond promptly
  • Drop into the Sarjeant on the Quay and sign up at the counter

Sign up here now

Please complete the form below. You will be sent details of how to make your donations and a donor number which you should use to identify your payment.

Yes, I would like to donate at least $5 a week to the Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund and help build a legacy of inspiration.

Stars including Rehua (Antares) above the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui

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