Free Holiday Art Packs | Sarjeant Gallery Whanganui
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Free Holiday Art Packs

Free Holiday Art activity packs from the Sarjeant

These school holidays come and visit the Sarjeant to pick up a free art activity pack to keep the kids happy at home.

• The Festive Decorations pack is a simple and fun way to get creative at this time of year. You can hang them anywhere around the house or on the Christmas tree. This pack gives you a range of coloured paper strips to make a selection of decorations.

• The Exhibition pack will be available after the 20th of December. It has activities that link with our current exhibitions at the Sarjeant. They will include items that children can make at home and some worksheets to get them thinking about what they have seen at the gallery.

These will be suitable for all ages but younger children may need an adult to help them complete some of the activities.

Instructions on how to complete the practical activities are available in an online video. You can view these videos here

The Sarjeant requires vaccine passes for all visitors 12 years and over.

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season and summer holidays.